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Microsoft Is The World’s Abusive Boyfriend

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In lieu of getting a real job, I have been doing some freelance tech support for people in my community. Most recently I have been helping the aunt of my friend Carter with a very fussy netbook.

Aunt Baldwin has the occasional need to open and edit a .doc file. She is used to using MS Word for this. Her netbook, like many others, shipped with Windows 7 and a trial version of Office, which ran out after 60 days. Now she has paid $150 for a license, and while I write this I am on my second hour of being on hold with MS Tech Support because the damn file she paid for won’t install and gives a totally useless error message.

Here’s the thing that kills me. She already has OpenOffice on her desktop, and she refuses to use it. She says that she’s already learned MS Word, and “just wants life to be simple!”

Well guess what? Life is not simple! And you know what are really not simple? COMPUTERS.

Much ink and many pixels have been spent in the last few months wondering if computers are making us dumber. Well I’ve figured it out: the computers are not making us dumber, MICROSOFT is. And Apple and Adobe and Facebook and any closed system who thinks it knows better than you what you want to do with your machine.

And they’re not evil! They honestly want to help, I believe that. But they are fooling the world into thinking that using a computer is not a new skill that actually needs to be learned.


Written by xaqrox

November 3, 2010 at 9:37 pm

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